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Workshop III: Non-Commissioned Officer Forum – The Role of the CA NCO in MDO/JADO

A Talk by Master Gunnery Sergeant James Flaherty , CSM Jeremiah Grow , SGM (Ret) Timothy Kohring and SGM Garric Banfield

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About this Talk

Mr. Timothy Kohring, Supervisor Training Specialist; Collective Training, Army CA Branch Proponent, U.S. Army JFK Special Warfare Center & School at Ft. Bragg, NC, facilitates the newly established Non-Commissioned Officer Forum.

The Command Sergeant Major, U.S. Army Civil Affairs (Ret.) and Honorary Sergeant Major of the Civil Affairs Corps will explore “The Role of the CA NCO in Multi-Domain and Joint All-Domain Operations” (MDO/JADO), featuring key senior Army and Marine civil affairs NCO leaders: • Sergeant Major Garric Banfield, Civil Affairs Proponent Sergeant-Major, USAJFKSWCS • Command Sergeant Major Jeremiah Grow, 83rd Civil Affairs Battalion • Master Gunnery Sergeant James Flaherty, G9 Planner, 3rd Civil Affairs Group, USMCR

About The Speakers

James Flaherty

Master Gunnery Sergeant James Flaherty

Jeremiah Grow

CSM Jeremiah Grow

Timothy Kohring

SGM (Ret) Timothy Kohring

Garric Banfield

SGM Garric Banfield