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Workshop IV: Current Operations – Regional Perspectives of Civil Affairs Operations

A Talk by Staff Sergeant Christopher Bryant , Captain Lukasz Kramarz , James Miccicche , Staff Sergeant Abraham Blocker , Major Thomas Westphal and Major Majel Savage

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About this Talk

The fourth and final Symposium workshop is also its newest, in a further effort by the Association to give greater voice to junior CA leaders on the future of the enterprise in which they have the greatest stake.

Budding Army Strategist Captain (P) James P. Micciche, currently attending the U.S. Army Command & General Staff Officer Course, leads a discussion of current civil affairs operations by those working closer to the ground in the major combatant command regions worldwide. Participants include:

• Major Thomas Westphal, 351st CACOM - INDOPACOM/ROK; Civil Affairs Planning Team - Combined Command Post Training 20.2, Republic of Korea • Major Majel Savage, 352nd CACOM – CENTCOM; Civil Liaison Team Jordan Team Chief, Joint Training Center-Jordan • Captain Lukasz Kramarz, 83rd CA Battalion – EUCOM; Civil Affairs Team Lithuania - Team Leader • Staff Sergeant Abraham Blocker, USMC – 4th Civil Affairs Group – SOUTHCOM; 4th CAG Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force – Guatemala • Staff Sergeant Christopher Bryant, 91st CA Battalion – AFRICOM; Civil Military Support Element, Burkina Faso - Team Medic

About The Speakers

Christopher Bryant

Staff Sergeant Christopher Bryant

Lukasz Kramarz

Captain Lukasz Kramarz

James Miccicche

James Miccicche

Strategist, US Army

Abraham Blocker

Staff Sergeant Abraham Blocker

Thomas Westphal

Major Thomas Westphal

Majel Savage

Major Majel Savage